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101 / 1 South East Egyaa Lodge Winneba

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Mon - Sat: 8.30 to 17.00

SOLs Outreach

At SOLs, we believe vehemently that every child deserves a good and early years education. As such, majority of our shares is held by ONE TREE TRUST, a charitable NGO that build, operate and transfer schools of the future at Early Years Foundation Stage, across districts outside of regional capitals.

Also, we provide funding for Curriculum Content Development and Digitisation, Software Development and Coding, Longitudinal Research in Early Years Education and raise awareness of Safeguarding of Children.

We work with our Partner Schools, University of Education Winneba, International Organisations and other NGO’s, Community leaders, Chiefs, and other stakeholders to promote Every Child Matters and Early Years Education initiative for children at districts outside regional capitals.

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