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Many of our competitors’ products are designed for Private Day Schools and just cannot offer the features required to run a 7 day a week school, or cope with full boarding school requirement.

The advantage with Sifa Applications is that we looked at maximum need and designed the platform in versatility, which means Sifa can be used by any Public Boarding School in Ghana, West Africa and beyond.

  • Sifa Platform is the only enabling platform capable of doing what teachers really want an Educational Management Information System to do.
  • We work directly with school’s leadership team and teachers to scope, process map and build Sifa Applications.
  • Our whole build and release approach is based on collaborative work and feedback from our client and partner schools.
  • Sifa Applications is the only web-based system which can be hosted entirely within your school’s existing infrastructure. Or you might prefer the stress-free option of having it hosted on SOLS Sifa Platform.

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